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My Write To Speak

My Write to Speak is a unique event specifically designed to cater to those who have a voice and somewhere life put it on mute.  With top leading, selfless, influential industry professionals, together in an intimate environment, coupled with team work, creativity, tools, insight, and more, you are positioned to reACTivate your voice.  In doing so, you expand your current platform or prepare for a new one.  At My Write to Speak, writer's block, (whether derived from fear, intimidation, procrastination, mental, emotional and spiritual exhaustion) is confronted, hope is breathed into dreams, manuscripts get a makeover, a friend is made and visions receive tools for provision.  In life we take left and right turns, today it's your turn to exercise your WRITES to be more and to be heard.  The next great thing to happen in your life is voice activated.  My Write to Speak equips you, engages and extends an amazing environment for you to Step Up and Speak Up even if your voice shakes.   If you can just get in the room, we will be the catalyst to get what's been on your heart to share with the world, into the world.  Greater awaits, I know you have something to say. 

                                 Turn your mic up and turn fear's off.  You have a WRITE TO SPEAK !

MWTS 2019 targets and topics:

  • Top 5 strategies proven to unblock writer's block

  • Book Writing Strategy Session 

  • A 90 days "Write Now" plan to get your book done

  • 1 on 1 onsite assistance & writing coaching 

  • Assistance with content structure 

  • How to SHAME drop without NAME dropping

  • Branding & marketing strategies (New & Expansion)

  • Editing overview & publishing 

  • Overview of proper graphics & presentation 

  • How to find you niche and audience

  • How to set up your online presence

  • Information on how to get your book into colleges 

  • Marketing strategies on how to get booked after the book

  • Now that it's written (copyright & ISBN resource information)

  • How to host a successful book launch (eBook and Hard Copies)

  • Safe and confidential environment

  • Multiple tools and resources

  • Lunch

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