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Her Excellence Excels Limitations & Statistics

Unapologetically Powerful


~Melody Joy

Passionate About Inspiring Others
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Along with ministry and life experiences that helped her be the best to all

those she encounters, Melody holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Counseling,

from Point University with a focus in Organizational Leadership,

Pastoral Counseling and Marketplace Mastery. 

Melody is not your average coach, catalyst or speaker.  Her delivery in

presentations and speeches are filled with passion, influence and momentum.  

Her group and individual sessions are challenging and demands intentional

changes to self, idleness, complacency and your surroundings.   Melody has

served in the community and secular arenas feeding the homeless;

project managing; conference hosting, facilitating and in deliverance ministry.


She has served as a peer counselor at a non-profit pregnancy crisis center in

the greater Atlanta area;  several areas of ministry including but not limited to single parents director, dance leadership, hospitality and guest relations and in music.  She loves sitting down with women drafting and mapping out areas of strength, which vision or idea to start first; balancing adulthood, parenting, work, ministry and marketplace.  

Melody states “I attribute my success to not being afraid to take risks, test my faith and try new things.  Success is attributed to the mindset and the drive to reach your fullest potential.  When purpose takes its first step and dreams take their first breath, that’s life to me.  Too many people are just existing and not living.   

 “Two of the most important events that can happen in your life is the day you were born and the reason you find out why”   ~Author Unknown

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Certifications & Degrees
  • Certified Leadership Coach

  • Bachelor of Science in Counseling

  • Certified Personal Development   

  • Certified Business and Life Coach

  • Certified Women's Empowerment Coach

  • Certified Event Planner

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